Online Payday Loans for Bad Credit: Bad Credit Score and No Credit Score OK

$500 - $1500. Get Instant Approval. Good credit not needed
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Unexpected expenditures, repairs, and other emergencies can occur, and there is generally little time to act. If you have bad credit, you won't be able to receive a loan or credit from a typical lender.

Online Payday Loans for Bad Credit | No Credit Score Needed

Low credit scores pose a challenge because traditional financial institutions are hesitant to lend to "bad credit" borrowers. Banks will tag you as unworthy according to their standards - they will see your credit score and judge you right away to be an undeserving borrower who is trouble.

So, if you need money now and are looking for a reputable online payday loan for people with low credit, you're in luck! Instead of relying on banks and credit unions, Capital Pacific Loans has your back. We provide the most straightforward and quickest bad credit payday loans to help you get through any cash need. Complete an online application in as fast as five minutes and get your loan within 24-48 hours.

What Is Bad Credit?

A credit score of 669 and below is considered fair or poor, according to the FICO Score range of 300 to 850. This category is often referred to as "subprime." Banks and credit union companies use “subprime” to describe borrowers who may have trouble repaying a loan.

A poor credit score is comparable to receiving a poor grade in school or failing a driving test. The idea is you get poor results in an evaluation that involves a scale to test performance. 

It's discouraging to learn that your credit ratings aren't ideal. You can run out of options quickly when looking for a reliable loan. As most lenders will turn away at the sight of your credit score, the struggle in finding a loan is real.

What Are Payday Loans for Bad Credit?

Loans for bad credit are loans you can get with any credit score. Bad credit loans do not need the traditional hard credit checks. The exclusion of hard checks means that direct lenders will not ask for your credit report - without your report, your credit history will not be a part of your loan application.

Bad credit payday loans level the playing field for borrowers, as your past mistakes do not weigh more than your present financial status for this loan. So, instead of dwelling on your credit history, your stable income will do the talking for you. Prove you have a steady income that can support your loan, and you can secure approval in minutes.

Can I Get a Personal Loan for Bad Credit?

Yes, you can get a personal loan for bad credit. Almost anyone can get a personal loan through Capital Pacific Loans, whether you have bad credit or no credit at all. Even if you have no collateral or a job, you qualify for our bad credit loans.

Without the traditional credit checks, you have heightened chances of approval than ever. Simply complete our quick online application and submit a few requirements. Apply now to get the financial support you need for any cash emergency.

How Can I Get a Payday Loan if I Have Bad Credit?

Get started by applying through our online portal. Complete the application, get approval, sign your loan agreement, and withdraw the funds as soon as 24 hours. Then, repay your lender your loan amount plus finance charges on your due date.

  1. Use Our Online Portal to Apply

Use Capital Pacific Loans’ online portal to apply for the top payday loans for bad credit near you. Our easy-access form supplies the basic info we need to process your request. Start filling out your 10-minute loan application by sharing:

  • How much you need to borrow (loan amount),
  • When you’ll repay your loan (due date), and
  • Which state you live in (zip code).

After you provide the above information, we will need some basic personal details. Then, simply upload scanned documents to support your application and submit the form. We will only use the information on the portal to match you with a perfect lender. Rest assured that your info is under the protection of local, state, and federal laws.

  1. Get an Instant Loan Approval

In as fast as five minutes, get bad credit loan approval. After you are notified of your approval, you can view the specifics of your top loan deal at once. Click on your offer to go to your lender’s website where you can learn more about your lender and how to contact them. 

If you have any questions or concerns about your loan, this is the best time to let your lender know. If any of the terms confuse you or you want to negotiate the specifics of your loan, you can contact your lender. Ensure that by the end of this step, you have reread your loan agreement top to bottom and have no more questions.

  1. Approve Your Top Loan Deal

Clear your loan for release by signing a loan contract with your lender. Review your agreement once more before signing to ensure you got everything right. After signing, keep a copy of your contract for reference or as a reminder of your loan terms.

  1. Withdraw Your Loan Anytime

Your loan funds will be in your bank account within 24 hours or the next business day. We will let you know right away once your funds are available, so keep your phone and email open until we do.

Once you access the cash from your loan, you are free to use it. There are no restrictions on using your loan proceeds, and you don’t have to tell us either. Contact us if your funds are still not with you after two banking days.

  1. Repay Your Payday Loan Lender

In two to four weeks, your loan will be due. It will be time to repay your lender the amount you borrowed plus a finance charge. You can review your loan contract to clarify what you owe on the due date. If you pay your loan on time, the loan amount and interest fee are all you owe your lender. 

If you repay your lender late, penalty charges will pile on top of your loan. You can calculate how many penalty fees to pay using your loan contract. Estimate your extra costs by multiplying how many days you have gone beyond your due date.

What Are the Requirements for a Bad Credit Loan?

Prepare your ID, proof of address, income, and bank account for a bad credit loan. You will also need to provide personal info, such as your phone number and email address.

  1. Proof of Identity

Have one valid government-issued ID to prove you are at least 18 years old and a US citizen. Your ID must show your photo, complete name, address, and age. Refer to the TSA’s list of valid identification documents for guidance.

  1. Proof of Address

Submit one document that can prove you are a permanent resident in the US. The most common proof you can use is any of your utility bills. Ensure only that the bill is under your name alone and no one else’s.

You can use alternative documents, including a lease agreement, mortgage statement, and property title. You can also ask your landlord for a residency letter if you rent your home.

  1. Proof of Income

Show proof that you earn at least $1,500 a month after tax. If you have a job, you can use your paystub. If you get unemployment benefits, alimony, or child support, provide a bank statement. Your income tax statement can prove that you run a business if you have one.

  1. Proof of Account

Prove that you have an active US bank account through a bank statement. You can also ask your bank for a signed certificate of account. Ensure that your bank account is not dormant and ready to receive funds.

  1. Contact Details

Share how we can reach you for loan updates through our online portal. You will need a phone number and email address so we can send you notifications about your loan regarding your application, approval, lender and loan offer, and funds. Ensure your contact information is complete and accurate for guaranteed approval.

How Much Does a Bad Credit Loan Cost?

Applying for loans for bad credit with Capital Pacific Loans is FREE. Whether you get your top loan deal or change your mind, you will not have to pay us anything. All our services are free to our valued customers - the only payment you make is when you repay your lender.

The only cost you need to consider is the service fee you pay your lender by the due date. If you pay your loan late, you may have extra charges that you need to pay.

  • Loan Amount

The base cost of your loan is the loan amount - the amount you borrowed. If you borrowed $100, you’d have to pay your lender back at least $100.

  • Finance Fee

The finance fee is the amount you pay your lender for their service. The finance fee depends on the interest rate you agreed to on the loan term. 

For instance, you agree to a 20% interest rate for two weeks of borrowing $100. By the end of two weeks, you will pay your lender $20 as a service fee on top of the $100 you borrowed. So, in all, you’ll owe your lender $120 by the end of the two weeks you borrowed your loan.

  • Penalty Fees

Penalty fees are extra charges you pay your lender for violating any of your loan terms. If you repay your lender late, you will pay a fee. You can refer to your loan contract for the specifics. Remember that you don’t pay any penalty if you follow all your loan terms. So, to keep your loan cost low, stick to your promises and repay your loan in full on time.

What Are the Advantages of Bad Credit Payday Loans?

Bad credit score loans are always available and accessible with high approval rates. If you need money as fast as possible, this loan type is your perfect choice.

  • 24/7 Availability

You can apply for loans for bad credit with Capital Pacific Loans any time of the day and week. No more waiting for a bank or payday loan store to open. Get a payday loan from Capital Pacific Loans at once whenever you need cash.

  • 100% Accessibility

We have made the loan application process much more manageable. Skip the tiresome activity of filing up the pages after pages of forms for every lender. Use our online portal and fill out a loan request only once to access all the lenders of personal loans within our network.

  • High Approval Rate

The highlighted feature of bad credit score loans is a high approval rate. Almost anyone with any credit history qualifies for loans for bad credit. Without the need for collateral, a cosigner, or even a job, you can ensure high chances of getting the loan you need.