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Title Loans Online with Capital Pacific Loans

A car title loan can provide quick funding against your vehicle's title. The approved amounts range from $100 to $10,000—the average title loan is about $1,000. Since these products are secured, your car serves as collateral and backs up the borrowed money.

As with cash advances, auto title loans are short-term loans without lenders' strict credit criteria. More so, some lenders from our Capital Pacific Loans network avoid credit checks and aren't concerned with your credit history. Since they have the title to your vehicle, lenders run a lower risk of losing their funds.

Yet, unlike unsecured payday loans online, title loans require you to pledge your car, motorcycle, or boat. Your lender will hold the lien until you settle the entire debt. On top of the initial loan amount, you'll also have to pay interest and additional fees.

As a result, some states don't allow car title pledges at all, while others have put caps on interest rates. For now, only 17 states allow high-cost car titles, and four states are exploiting loopholes in consumer credit law.

This article will explore title loans and the requirements to borrow money through this type of loan. We will also outline the benefits of car titles and why you should consider Capital Pacific Loans as your connection service provider.

How Do Car Title Loans Work?

Borrowers can initiate the application process for car title loans online or visit a physical branch. On average, approved amounts vary from 25% to 50% of the vehicle value, so that's what you should be aiming to get. Remember that the offer will always depend on the assessed resale value of the car.

Before applying, ensure you have the title with you—the pink slip to a vehicle you own is crucial for getting approved. To this end, you can't get financed by two lenders simultaneously since only one will possess the title.

Unlike a personal loan, you may be required to bring the vehicle to a physical store for inspection, and only then can you round up the loan application. Ensure you present the title, your government-issued ID, and insurance. Note that some lenders may ask for a copy of your car key or insert a tracking device into your vehicle, though this is a rare occurrence.

As mentioned above, title lenders skip credit checks, and many won't even consider your income. Since you pledge an asset, creditors don't bother refusing applicants due to lack of income or unemployment.  Expect to get the cash once you agree to pay the applicable interest and rates and sign the contract. Once agreed, you can keep driving your car, but the title will remain with your lender until you repay the auto title loan. After you settle the debt, you can reclaim the vehicle lien-free.

How To Get a Title Loan on Your Car?

If your state allows title pawns, you will have to visit the lender and take your vehicle and paperwork with you. Even if you applied and got pre-approved online, lenders will seek to inspect the car's condition. Once they verify that the paperwork is complete, you will get the funds right away. Most transfers won't take more than an hour, provided all the documents are in order.

Online procedures through Capital Pacific Loans, for example, are shorter and more convenient. You can receive the money as fast as the same day or the next business day. Want to get a loan from our trusted lending partners? If so, just complete the quick application form on our website and wait for a lender to reach out.

Requirements For Fast Auto Title Loans

Getting approval for a pink slip loan is always fast and reliable if you own the car or motorcycle outright. If your vehicle has no liens on it, a car title loan can be one of the easiest loans to get. Still, besides the pink slip, you will have to provide specific documentation, such as:

  1. Original title demonstrating sole vehicle ownership,
  2. A government-issued ID with a photo,
  3. Proof of vehicle insurance,
  4. Current registration,
  5. Proof of residency (e.g., a utility bill),
  6. Vehicle keys (sometimes even a second copy),
  7. Contact details of valid references (cell phone or telephone number).

Some lending companies may ask for recent pay stubs that prove your repayment ability. Other lenders will attach a GPS tracking device to the car to ensure they find you in case of default. The advanced versions of tracking devices allow lenders to disable the vehicle from afar.

Repayment Term

Car title loans differ depending on the repayment terms. Some lenders only offer one type, while others are more flexible with their products. The two available types include:

  • Single-payment loans. These products must get repaid in one lump sum. The term is typically one month, and the APR can reach 300%.
  • Installment loans. In this case, borrowers can repay in several installments, usually up to six months. The average APR is about 260%.

Borrowers can opt for any payment method they prefer. For example, they might pay in-person or online through the lender's website. Automatic withdrawals from a bank account are also possible if authorized.

Finally, if you default on the car title loan, your vehicle will get repossessed, and the lender will sell it to regain the funds lost. The good news is that some states urge lenders to pay clients the difference between the title loan amount and the sale price. For example, in states like Georgia and Alabama, lenders can keep the surplus from the sale.

Why Get a Car Title Loan?

There are several plausible reasons why someone would go for a car title loan. Among other things, the amounts of online title loans can be significant and their terms more flexible. Here is an overview of the main benefits of car loans:

All Credit Scores Considered

Borrowers don't need excellent or good credit to get a car title loan. Title lenders avoid hard credit checks and consider any credit score. On top of that, even unemployed applicants can qualify. In most cases, no credit history, bad credit, or a prior bankruptcy won't preclude you from borrowing. In fact, people have used a car title loan to rebuild their credit score.

Fast Cash and Easy Final Approval

When using Capital Pacific Loans, all you need to do is go online and complete the short form. Our vast range of reliable title lenders will consider your application and inform you of the eligible loan amount. Our partners will also tell you what documents and forms you need to submit for the contract. Lastly, remember to ask where to sign the paperwork and pick up the cash for the title loan.

Flexible Repayment Terms

If you take a car title loan, you can pay it off monthly. Indeed, you don't have to settle the entire debt with your next paycheck. Hence, if you want to control your finances better, go for an installment title loan. Thanks to the lower payments, your budget can remain stable.

Title Loan Quote Online

You will get the applicable quotes online without the need to leave the comfort of your home. You will instantly know how much cash you can borrow based on the vehicle's value. There's no need to visit a physical store or have a bank account. In most cases, quotes will be way higher than those of financial institutions that approve loans based on your DTI ratio.

Why Choose Capital Pacific Title Loans Online?

Capital Pacific Loans works with an extensive network of legitimate and respectable lenders available around the clock. Our lending partners specialize in title loans for clients with all types of credit history. Moreover, we take pride in a fast loan application process with no bank account required.

At Capital Pacific Loans, we consider almost any make and model. Plus, you will know how much money you can get and have it in less than an hour. We offer financing at competitive rates, and you get to spend the title loan proceeds any way you deem appropriate.